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A Canada family holiday promises an adventure of a lifetime. This vast country boasts majestic National Parks, shimmering blue lakes, rugged mountain terrains, and buzzing cosmopolitan cities. Families can marvel at the awe-inspiring sights of grizzly and polar bears or gaze skyward to witness the ethereal dance of the Northern Lights. Whether you're tempted by the thrill of heli-skiing amid Canada's unparalleled snowscapes or immersing yourself in the country's rich cultural tapestry, every moment in Canada feels like a scene from an epic tale.

Of course, one of the great joys of a family trip to Canada is the Canadian way of life – relaxed and infinitely welcoming, making it a top pick for families eager for both excitement and warmth. With Scott Dunn as your guide, your family holiday in Canada will tread less travelled paths, revealing exclusive and breathtaking surprises. Here's everything you need to know about having an unforgettable family trip to Canada.

Is Canada a Good Family Holiday Destination?

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A family holiday in Canada has everything from stunning natural landscapes to bustling cities and family-friendly activities across it all.

For families with young kids, the country boasts numerous interactive museums and gardens. There's also the magic of spotting wildlife in their natural habitats or one of the many zoos and aquariums if trekking through the mountains isn't your thing.

For those with older children and teenagers, a family trip to Canada shifts to exhilarating adventures and cultural exploration. Imagine the thrill of ziplining over lush canyons, surfing on pristine beaches, or hiking through breathtaking national parks.

The cities in Canada are equally exciting, with their vibrant street art, food scenes, and bustling festivals. Teens can dive into Canada's diverse culture, taste new foods, discover local music, or wander and soak in the urban vibe. In a nutshell, a family holiday in Canada is more than just a trip. It's a true adventure for every type of traveller that you simply can't get back home.

Is Canada Suitable for Children?

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If you're pondering over a Canada family holiday, there's a mix of exciting opportunities and little details to consider. Canada is vast, and travelling from one spot to another can sometimes mean covering significant distances. The varied climates across regions might catch you off guard too, so packing diverse clothingis a must, depending on the season of your visit.

Now, on the brighter side, imagine gliding down snowy slopes, paddling through serene waters, or having your kids point in wonder at the sight of a moose. That's right; a family trip to Canada offers unbeatable outdoor activities like skiing, canoeing, and wildlife spotting. Cities in Canada generally roll out the red carpet for little ones with plenty of kid-friendly spots, but remember, some of the more remote areas may not have the same conveniences. So, while the promise of adventure is real, guidance from our team will ensure your family trip to Canada will be nothing but memorable.

Travelling to Canada with Young Children

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Canada is vast and full of surprises, especially for families with young kids. Take the lively cities of Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, for example. They're brimming with kid-friendly spots! Your little ones will love places like the Toronto Zoo, Vancouver Aquarium, or Montreal's Biodome. Fancy a bit of nature? Alberta's stunning Canadian Rockies have gentle trails and picturesque lakes like Lake Louise. It's a great spot for a family picnic and the views. Simply breathtaking. And you won't have to wander far from your vehicle!

However, Canada also has some adventures that might not be the best fit for the kiddos. Bear-watching? It's thrilling for grown-ups but a tad too wild for the young ones. And while the rugged beauty of the Yukon or a long ferry journey to Newfoundland sounds exciting, such trips might tire out youngsters not used to long travels.

No worries, though! We're here to craft the ideal family trip to Canada, considering both your child's interests and stamina.

Travelling to Canada with Older Children and Teenagers

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For families with teens and older kids itching for an adventure unlike any other, a Canada family holiday might be the perfect answer. This vast nation is teeming with experiences tailored especially for the curious and adventurous youth.

If you're after some action, head to the Rockies in Albertafor cool hikes or hit the ski slopes in British Columbia during winter. Calgary is your gateway to the awe-inspiring Canadian Rockies, ideal for challenging hikes and bonding family moments amidst nature. And if you're planning a summer visit, the Calgary Stampede, a vibrant rodeo event, is a spectacle your teens won't forget.

Have a history lover in the group? Quebec City's old streets and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg are top picks. Big cities like Toronto and Vancouver are packed with stuff to do, from shopping to shows. Conversely, adults might love the peaceful vibes of places like Prince Edward Island or the small towns in Newfoundland, but they might be a bit slow for teens. And a heads-up: Canada's huge. So, we can ensure your Canada family holiday itinerary doesn't have long drives that teens would find boring.

Canada for Multigenerational Families

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When it comes to planning a family trip to Canada, there’s a bit of everything for everyone. For families that love the outdoors, the national parks in the Rockies like Banff and Jasper are top picks. Think easy or challenging hikes, leisurely or intense boat rides, and animals roaming around – fun for kids and adults alike.

If you're more into city vibes, check out Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal. These cities have cool spots to explore, from historical areas to shopping streets and tasty food joints. And, seriously, don't skip Niagara Falls; it's a big hit with all ages. For something different, try visiting Quebec in winter. They have a Winter Carnival with ice statues, parades, and games. It's cold but loads of fun. And if your family's interested in learning about indigenous culture, Haida Gwaii's the place. So, whether it's a relaxed or adventurous family holiday in Canada, there's something for everyone.

Family Holiday Ideas

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Curious about what there is to do on your family trip to Canada? These are some of our favourite thingsto put on your Canada family holiday itinerary.

Go Tubing

Looking for some fun in the snow on your family trip to Canada? Head to the Coca-Cola Tube Parkon Blackcomb Mountain. It's got long sliding lanes that everyone can enjoy. They've even made it easy to get back to the top with a conveyor lift. Open from noon till 7 pm, there's also a fire pit where you can chill and have some snacks after.

Visit a Museum

Vancouver is a top spot for a family holiday in Canada. Here, the little ones can be amazed by the creatures at the Vancouver Aquarium and have a day of fun in Stanley Park. Imagine riding bikes, swinging on the playground, or just relaxing on a family picnic after seeing sea creatures. For a learning day in Toronto, we recommend dropping by the Royal Ontario Museum which showcases art and culture from around the world.

Food Tour on Granville Island

Now, if you're into food and shopping, Granville Island is a must-visit. It gets super busy, with over 12.2 million people visiting each year. But don't worry; with a good guide we can set up, you'll get to see all the cool spots without the hassle. The main attraction is the Granville Island Public Market. It's packed with vendors selling fresh produce, meat, fish, cheese, and more. Step outside, and you'll find local craftspeople, a wine shop, a place for organic coffee, and even a Sake distillery. If you're up for it, a two-hour food tourlets you sample from 18 different spots. Your guide, who's a chef, will make sure everyone from toddlers to grandma will get something to taste.

Take a Boat Ride

Maligne Lake is a top pick for families with young kids. Why? It's the largest glacier-fed lake in the Canadian Rockies and offers easy, captivating adventures. The view? Stunning, especially with Spirit Island right in the middle of those blue waters. On our 90-minute boat tour, families can take a short walk to a viewpoint, ideal for little feet. Along the way, there are simple tales about the area's geology and history to share.

Get Incredible Views

Toronto is perfect for a family trip to Canada. The towering CN Toweris a must-visit. Kids often can't believe their eyes when they stand on its glass floor – it feels like flying! And if you have older kids after a bit of thrill, the Capilano Suspension Bridge through the treetops in Vancouver will not disappoint.

Spot Whales and Bears

Topping the list of the most unforgettable experiences are whale and bear-watching adventures. From the fishing village of Stevenson, just a short hop from Vancouver, families can hop onto a boatand sail through the Gulf and San Juan Islands. Spotting Orca whales is common, especially in summer, with humpbacks, sea lions, and seals often making appearances too. Meanwhile, Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains offer a unique bear-watching experience. Hop into a 4x4 and journey through forests and meadows, spotting bears and other wildlife. Although these tours are best for families with kids above 10, it's one of those family holiday ideas Canada enthusiasts rave about.

Family Ski Holiday in Canada  

A family ski holiday Canada style caters to every skill level, ensuring that grandparents, parents, teens, and tots find their snowy niche. Whistler in British Columbia stands out as a versatile pick, offering gentle bunny slopes for the little ones and challenging black diamonds for seasoned teens or adults. Banff in Alberta is equally welcoming, with beginner zones to build confidence and intricate trails that entice advanced skiers.

Over in the east, Mont Tremblant in Quebec provides family-friendly learning areas, making it great for multigenerational groups wanting to ski together. Big White in BC is especially known for its kid-friendly programs and gentle slopes, while Marble Mountain in Newfoundland caters to a broad spectrum with a blend of easy and more demanding runs. Regardless of the destination, families will find a mix of terrains, ensuring that each member, from the curious youngster to the experienced grandparent, has an unforgettable experience.

Where to Stay in Canada with Your Family

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Canada family holiday options offer a delightful blend of adventure, relaxation, and breathtaking natural beauty. Vancouver, often the starting point for many, is a buzzing harbourside city set against a backdrop of mountain wilderness. It's perfect for families who love urban comforts combined with outdoor exploration. Here, the Loden Hotel serves as an excellent family-friendly base, being only minutes away from Coal Harbour and centrally located to many of Vancouver's gems like Stanley Park.

If you're after a more alpine experience, Whistler beckons. The Four Seasons Resort and Residencesin Whistler are particularly enticing, especially if you choose the Private Retreats with exclusive pools and services. It's undoubtedly the best place for a family holiday in Canada for those looking for luxuryin the mountains.

On the other hand, families that revel in the sounds of crashing waves and the thrill of surfing should consider Tofino's Long Beach Lodge. Positioned right on Cox Bay, it's not just its picturesque location that draws families in but also its reputable Surf Club. Tailored surfing lessons for individuals as young as six ensure that the whole family can indulge in the waves under the watchful eyes of certified instructors. For those already adept at surfing, the lodge has everything you'd need to enjoy the Pacific waves.

Lastly, for families that dream of a wilderness retreat, there's no place like the Sonora Resortin British Columbia. This luxury oasis amid the Canadian wilderness is ideal for families wanting to mesh style with adventure. From bear-watching to relishing the untouched beauty of British Columbia, it truly encompasses the essence of a memorable Canada family holiday.

Meet our Canadian Travel Specialists 

Canada's vast expanse is brimming with endless adventures, diverse landscapes, and cultural experiences. Given its immense size and many options, narrowing down the ideal itinerary can be daunting. But fret not! With a Scott Dunn travel expert by your side, crafting the perfect Canada family holiday becomes a seamless experience. Get in touch or browse our itineraries today, and let us help guide your journey through this magnificent land.

A Guide to Luxury Canada Family Holidays | Scott Dunn UK (2024)


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