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(Use the Service Portal link below for profile maintenance requests: TMC assignment, approvers, delegate, user group assignments)

Step 1:

Traveler Responsibility: Traveler logs into: and enter duckid. Go to Profile Settings:


  • Personal Info:
    • Name: Must match government issued ID. Do not use spaces or punctuation. Add middle name or check No Middle Name check box
    • Add contact information – work, home and cell phone numbers
    • Addresses: populates into the Google Map tool for personal vehicle mileage
  • Email Address: “Verify” uoregon email address
  • Other Settings section: Activate E-Receipts


  • Enter airline frequent flyer numbers, hotel and car rental loyalty membership numbers. Be sure to change personal profiles to cancel previous corporate or institutional affiliation and reflect new UO affiliation
  • Add emergency contact information
  • Assign Delegate(s) and Travel Arranger(s)
  • TSA Pre-check information
  • Passport number (Concur will alert you six months before expiration)
  • Add UO corporate One Card Visa card or personal credit card for hotel guarantees
  • TripIt Pro – travel organizational program/app, free for all UO employees:

Log into and go to App Center, TripIt and Connect. Forward all reservations confirmations and itineraries to to experience stress free business and personal travel.

Download Concur mobile app to take pictures of receipts and record expenses on the go

Step 2:

Enter a UO Service Portal request using the template and link above for the following:

  • Assign TMC – Direct Travel or Premier Travel
  • Assign Request Approver(s)
  • Assign Expense Approver (s)
  • Assign Delegate(s) – access to Request and Expenses
  • Assign Travel Arranger(s) – access to Travel
  • Assign Concur User Group (department for which traveler most often travels)

Onboarding Conversation:

  • UO Travel Policy and Managed Travel Program guidelines
    • Use assigned TMC (travel agency/agent) for all air purchases either through Concur booking tool or agent assisted booking
    • Provide TMC contact information (phone and email), plus 24/7 emergency phone number
    • Pre-travel approval required in Concur Request
  • Concur Resources:
    • Concur Step-by-Steps
    • Tips and training videos
    • Travel/Concur Help desk email and phone number
  • US Bank corporate travel One Card
  • State of Oregon rental car contracts (not to be used for personal travel)

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Concur Tips

  • Oregon DMV REAL ID Reminder
  • Concur FAQs
  • COVID-19 Travel Suspension - Process and information
  • Concur Tips - Hotels in Concur: Booking, Tips, and Information
  • Concur Tips - Guest Travel Part 1: One Time Guest in Concur
  • Concur Tips - Guest Travel part 2: Guest with ongoing relationship and expense report
  • Concur Tips - Basic Economy Fares - Concur Booking Tool
  • Concur Tips - Icons and Available Expenses
  • Concur Tips - Tripit Pro: FREE for ALL UO employees
  • Concur Tips - Concur Timesavers- Making Copies of Reports
  • Concur Tips - Event Manager- Make one request for multiple employees
  • Concur Tips - Trip Library- Locate past and future trips and ticket receipts
  • Concur Tips - Concur Booking Tool filters for Flight Searches
  • ConcurTips - Adding Personal Time to a Business Trip
  • Concur Tips - Approving for a Traveler from another department with your funding source
  • Concur Tips - How to Work with a TMC (Travel Management Company - UO Travel Agent) for an Agent Assist Booking

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Concur Processor Program

UO Concur delegates can qualify for the processor role to invoice reports without additional travel office oversite. Processor’s user group reports are subject to random audit. Concur processors are required to qualify per these program guidelines.


  • Invoice Concur Expense reports upon final departmental approval
  • Travel office performs random audit for oversite purposes
  • Speeds up report turnaround leading to faster reimbursem*nts
  • Processor acts a departmental liaison with travel office, allowing for more effective communication and education between travel office and Concur users.

Oversite requirements:

  • Approximately 10% of processor reports will be drop into travel office audit queue
  • All international travel and guest travel is processed by the Travel Office
  • Travel Sanctions Policy

To qualify:

  • Complete application at Concur Processor Agreement
  • Review and sign Concur Processor Agreement
  • Must take Travel Policy/Concur class (or have taken it within the last 12 months)
  • Departmental user group must be set up in Concur (or existing group is updated by processor candidate.) Candidate is assigned to user group as first approver to allow for scoring
  • Candidate reviews at least 24 score-able Concur Expense reports. Score must reflect 80% accuracy for all score-able reports (domestic travel, UO employees). Minor Errors do not count against score:
    • Major Error – policy violation, incomplete business purpose, missing documentation, overpaying or underpaying traveler
    • Minor Error – Expense Type error, form error, receipts in wrong place
    • Error Free
  • Processor must participate in at least one Processor phone check-in per month. Processor Phone Check-in Sessions are offered two times per week for all processors to provide feedback, discuss challenges, network with peers.
  • Processor must participate in four Concur Roundtable sessions per year (last Wednesday of every month, available via remote connection).
  • Concur Processors are responsible to collect any overpayments identified on reports they approve and process

Candidate Scoring Approval Workflow:

  • Candidate is assigned as Approver 1 until qualifications are met.
  • Once Processor role is earned and assigned, approver role is removed as Processor invoicing becomes the final approval.
  • Processor role allows invoicing for UO Employees for domestic travel reports. International travel and guest travel reports are processed in the Travel Office.

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Video Training

Concur Education

Three Steps to Concur Travel Success workshop

Part 1: Request and Travel

Part 2: Expense

Concur Workshop Videos

Download Concur Mobile App

Download Concur Mobile App

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Concur Resources

  • Travel / Concur Training
  • Concur Case Studies
  • Concur Issues and Enhancements workgroup
  • Concur Training Videos
  • Concur Communications/TravelNews
  • Concur Service Advisory Board
Concur Login & Resources | Business Affairs (2024)


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