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[Hello, I'm your regular writer, and this is my first work. English is my 3rd language so i might make some grammer mistake. Hope i improve with time .Please comment to correct my mistakes. Mc is a manas [ from tensura ]

<Manas is a a species which consist of information form. they are not bound by the laws of space and time . They possess unique abilities which defines their existence > . Quite op but they cannot influence world as they need to possess a astral body...

Hmm, where is this? Why is everywhere dark? Where am I? Have I been kidnapped? Then I remember, there is no reason for me to be kidnapped. If my family knew I was kidnapped, they wouldn't care. So, I don't think they would waste their time with someone like me.

While I'm thinking to myself, I hear a voice.

ROB: You finally woke up.

MC: Hello, what am I doing in this black void? Are you God?

ROB: Relax, dear soul. I haven't seen such peculiar soul in such long time. You possess forbidden knowledge which even gods are not supposed to know.. I come here with an offer..

Mc : so u are brahm. Never thought I come with in presence of one of mighty word.

And why u brought me here . Can I ask my circumference.

ROB: I just respond by ur desire . Plus because of ur karma. You are getting a chance to life ur life in another world like what u want.

Mc : I understand. It's like a reincarnation story which I read many times. So will I have some wishes , can I choose my appearance and what sort of body I want..

ROB: yes u can. With the amount of karma you can have 7 wishes with some restrictions.

Mc: I understand. For first wish

I want to became a manas like manas ciel from tensura. My base should be made form veldora ultimate skill [ Nyarlathotep , lord of chaos ] and shion ultimate skill [ susanoo ]. My intrinsic skill in essence is to manipulate the laws of the world, specializing in support and the alteration of Skills.

God : this will take 3 wishes.

Mc : can u make it 2. Pretty please.

God : no. Because you are a manas therefore you cannot influence physical or spiritual world.

Plus your soul cannot take 2 ultimate skill at one point. You will get downgrade version of these skill. Even if you are a manas.

Later as you became strong ur abilities will also grow with your power.

Mc : oh. I already thought about it. Forget it.

God : don't try to fool me. Not possible. Authority of finality has all the Authority of rulers. Your soul cannot handle it.

Mc : alright just give the basic power of finality and rest of the abilities can be stored in system. I can acquired them in later date

God : yes but you cannot access to sucb power without a spiritual body. But this will take two wishes .

Mc: huh this is scamming.

God : don't try to fool me. Now only got 2 wishes are left. Hurry up

Mc ; alright I want a system which will gives me knowledge,battle simulator ,travel and body.

That I can access with my abilities plus some standard basic function of system.

God ; you need to first specify. Traveling to every multiverse or cultivation world is not possible as there are some restrictions . You can only travel to maximum 14.

Mc: ok ,my last wishes is to have multiple body according to world which i can travel. Plus two of my choice.

God: hm go on. Which bloodline do you want.

Mc : body A [ high human ]

Body B [ MANTIS ]

God : ok this much is acceptable. You can choose which world you want to travel with your system your appearance can be changed.

And you can copy others body with herrscher of logic and corruption.

Therefore you can make 14 copies along with 2 main. That means you got a total of 16 bodies.

Your soul will be protected by system incase something happens to u.

Mc: One last thing since I'm a manas can I choose my host of my choice. And can I get their abilities.

God: no you can only get only one ability from them. But I'll make an exception that way you can get two abilities from ur first two host.

< WITH herrscher of logic , sentince and system Mc can even copy spiritual and astral body >

Mc : thank you for wishes.

God : hm see you then. And have happiness in your next life.

Mc : next thing I'm in my simulator space. Deciding on which world to travel and which host should I select.

Author note

Title: divine wisdom core.

Intrinsic Skill: manipulation of chaos , contrive .

Innate Ability:

Thought Acceleration

Analytical Appraisal

All of Creation

Probability Manipulation

Parallel Existence

Pursuit of Truth

Space-Time Manipulation

Multidimensional Barrier

Danger Prediction

Outcome alteration

Universal sense

Extra abilities. Available with body as u can only access to power of finality with spiritual body.

Herrscher are physical manifestation of law and logic related to their respective phenomena.

#Authority of herrscher of finality < finality is to op >


1. Temporal manipulation

2. World reset. < restriction applied therefore can only reverse time in domain. Domain size is 5KM. Time reverse depend on power consumption .



5. Other Herrscher authority

I. Herrscher of logic < world understand ing and matter creation based on analysis. Can create weapons , artifacts, technology .

Well u can even make optimum body with logic authority.

II. Herrscher of void < space time domination , void subspace , imaginary travel , void construct, matter Manipulation.

III herrscher of Thunder < electricity manipulation, electron manipulation , electromagnetic force manipulation , matter disintegration

IV herrscher of wind < wind manipulation, weather control , refraction.>

V herrscher of ice < Molecule De-energising Ice Creation Cold , Generation Ice Manipulation Cold Manipulation, Thermal Manipulation.

VI herrscher of fire < Molecule Energising Fire Creation. Heat Generation. Plasma Generation. Fire Manipulation Thermal Manipulation >

VII HERRSCHER OF DEATH < Matter Creation Life Granting. Death Granting. Life Manipulation. Death Manipulation. Regeneration/Restoration.

VIII HERRSCHER OF SENTIENCE < Dream World Manipulation. Illusion Creation. Mind Manipulation. Mind Reading. Soul Manipulation. Soul Transfer. >

IX HERRSCHER OF ROCK < Gravity Manipulation. Gravity Generation. Gravity Negation. Gravitational Singularity Generation. Black Hole Creation. Black Hole Manipulation >

X HERRSCHER OF DOMINANCE < Mind Manipulation. Puppeteering. Quantum Entanglement. Dimension Construction. usurper

XI HERRSCHER OF BINDING < Effect negation , Technology Negation , Power Negation. Bio-Electrical Nullification. Anti magic area weakening domain . SKILL WEAKENING

XII HERRSCHER OF CORRUPTION < Technology Control. Biology Control. Data Manipulation. Multiplication. Survival.

XIII HERRSCHER OF LIGHT < light manipulation, purification, HOLY powers and holy weapons Creation >

XIV AUTHORITY OF WATER < water manipulation, ocean control , ocean speies Dominance, telekinesis, pressure control , oceanic might >.

XV AUTHORITY OF ORIGIN < origin manipulation, believer system , fate manipulation, karma manipulation, destiny manipulation, energy crystallization >

XVII AUTHORITY OF END < destruction manipulation in most chaotic form , >

OTHER ABILITIES immortality type 1 and type 3 , sustense type 1 , type 2 and type 3 , active form , battle armour,


Infinite regeneration, resistances releated to their authority.

Make suggestion on which 12 world should I add.

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