[Top Guide] Best Monster Hunter Now Light Bowgun Build for You (2024)

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Welcome to our guide on the best Light Bowgun builds for Monster Hunter Now! Mastering the Light Bowgun can greatly enhance your gameplay with its perfect mix of mobility, versatility, and firepower. In this guide, we’ll help you optimize the best Monster Hunter Now Light Bowgun Build. Monster Hunter Now captivates players with its dynamic combat and rich world. The Light Bowgun is a standout weapon due to its speed and adaptability. To fully harness its power, you need a well-crafted build.

We’ll cover the best weapon and armor combinations, essential skills, and strategic item usage. By the end, you’ll have everything you need to create a build that maximizes damage, boosts survivability, and adapts to any hunting scenario.

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Part 1: Why You Need Monster Hunter Now Light Bowgun Build?

Monster Hunter Now Light Bowgun Build offers a range of advantages that make it a highly desirable weapon for many hunters. Here’s why you should consider building a Light Bowgun setup –

  • Versatility

The LBG is incredibly versatile, allowing hunters to adapt to various combat situations. Whether focusing on high damage output, status effects, or support roles, the LBG’s versatility lets you customize your build to tackle different monsters and hunting scenarios effectively.

  • Mobility

Unlike heavier weapons, the LBG provides excellent mobility. Hunters can swiftly dodge and reposition themselves, crucial for evading monster attacks and finding optimal shooting positions. This agility is particularly beneficial in battles against fast and aggressive monsters.

  • Ranged Combat

As a ranged weapon, the LBG enables you to attack monsters from a safe distance. This is especially advantageous when facing large or dangerous monsters that are challenging to approach safely. Ranged combat minimizes the risk of taking damage while allowing for continuous offense.

  • Ammo Variety

The LBG can utilize a wide array of ammo types, each with unique effects. From standard shots like Normal Ammo to specialized options like Pierce, Spread, Status, and Elemental Ammo, this diversity allows hunters to adapt mid-hunt to the monster’s behavior and vulnerabilities.

  • Support Capabilities

The LBG can serve as a valuable support weapon with access to healing, buff, and debuff ammo types. By providing healing to allies, boosting their stats, or weakening the monster, the LBG facilitates team play and cooperative hunts effectively.

  • Rapid Fire

Many LBGs feature the Rapid Fire ability, allowing for the rapid succession of multiple shots. This significantly boosts damage output and facilitates the application of status effects or elemental damage more efficiently..

  • Customization

The LBG is highly customizable, with various barrels, stocks, and mods available to enhance its performance. Whether focusing on increasing damage, reducing recoil, or improving reload speed, you can tailor your LBG build to match your preferred playstyle effectively.

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Part 2: What is the Best Light Bowgun Build in Monster Hunter Now?

The best Light Bowgun (LBG) build focuses on enhancing the weapon’s efficiency and ensuring that the hunter remains agile and effective in combat. Here are the best Light Bowgun Build Monster Hunter Now –

Armor Skills
Kadachi Helm (Head)Reload Speed 1; Artful Dodger 1 (Grade 6)
Lumu Mail (Chest)Recoil Down 1
Legiana Vambraces (Arms)Reload Speed 1
Jagras Coil (Waist)Fortify 1; Rising Tide (Grade 4)
Barroth Greaves (Legs)Defense Boost 1 (Grade 4)

This build offers a balance of reload speed, recoil reduction, and defensive bonuses, making it efficient and durable for light bowgun users in Monster Hunter.

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Part 3: What are the Best Armor Skills in Monster Hunter Now Light Bowgun Build?

In crafting an optimal Light Bowgun build in Monster Hunter, understanding the best armor skills is essential for maximizing your effectiveness in combat.

  • Reload Speed 1: This skill decreases the time needed to reload your Light Bowgun. Given the reliance on ammunition, especially in fast-paced battles, faster reload times allow for sustained pressure on monsters without vulnerability during reload animations.
  • Artful Dodger 1(Grade 6):Enhances evasion, making it easier to dodge incoming attacks. Dodging is vital for survival, and with Artful Dodger, you gain flexibility in maneuvering, avoiding damage, and maintaining offensive momentum.
  • Recoil Down 1: Reduces the recoil of your Light Bowgun, minimizing character knockback after firing. Lower recoil permits rapid, accurate shots without being interrupted by excessive weapon kickback, resulting in higher overall damage and better attack control.
  • Fortify 1: Grants temporary attack and defense bonuses each time you faint in a quest. Though fainting is best avoided, Fortify boosts power if you cart during a hunt, encouraging a more aggressive playstyle after each faint.
  • Rising Tide(Grade 4):Boosts damage output when continuously hitting a monster. Maintaining offensive pressure with consistent aggression and skillful positioning increases damage progressively, rewarding relentless attacks.
  • Defense Boost 1 (Grade 4): Increases defense, reducing damage taken from monster attacks. While offense is crucial, solid defense ensures resilience against powerful blows, especially against tough monsters or unavoidable attacks.

Part 4: What is the Best Light Bowgun in Monster Hunter Now?

Selecting the optimal Light Bowgun (LBG) in Monster Hunter Now depends on the elemental weaknesses of your target monsters. Here’s a breakdown of four standout options:

  • Madness Rifle/Jagras Blitz (Water)

This LBG excels against monsters vulnerable to water damage, such as Diablos or Barroth. Known as the Madness Rifle or Jagras Blitz, it offers balanced stats and high elemental damage output. With decent ammo capacity and reload speed, it’s versatile for sustained fights, allowing hunters to exploit water weaknesses effectively.

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  • Thunder Blitz (Thunder)

Ideal for monsters weak to thunder like Zinogre or Plesioth, the Thunder Blitz LBG delivers potent thunder elemental shots for burst damage. It features a high rate of fire and moderate recoil, enabling consistent high-damage shots. Effective for breaking parts vulnerable to thunder, it contributes to faster hunts and efficient material farming.

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  • Snow Blitz (Ice)

Against monsters weak to ice such as Anjanath or Rathalos, the Snow Blitz LBG is indispensable. Offering excellent ice elemental damage, it can slow or disrupt monsters’ attack patterns. With good mobility and handling, hunters can stay agile while continuously dealing damage, making it crucial for specific encounters.

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  • Flame Blitz/Blazing Rifle (Fire)

For monsters susceptible to fire damage like Legiana or Vaal Hazak, the Flame Blitz or Blazing Rifle is top choice. Its fire elemental shots inflict significant burn damage, weakening monsters over time. With high attack power and a fast firing rate, it’s formidable for aggressive hunters. Additionally, its ability to inflict burn status disrupts monsters, providing strategic advantages in prolonged fights.

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How do I know which Light Bowgun build is best for my playstyle in Monster Hunter Now?

Determining the best Light Bowgun build for your playstyle involves considering factors such as preferred ammo types, elemental weaknesses of monsters you often hunt, and whether you prefer a more offensive or defensive approach. Experimenting with different builds and adjusting based on your experiences in hunts can help you find the optimal setup.

Is it necessary to match elemental weaknesses with Light Bowgun ammo types in Monster Hunter Now?

While it’s not always necessary to match elemental weaknesses with Light Bowgun ammo types, doing so can significantly increase your damage output and hunting efficiency. Focusing on exploiting monster weaknesses allows you to take down targets more quickly and effectively, especially in higher-difficulty hunts.

How important is evasion and mobility for Light Bowgun users in Monster Hunter Now?

Evasion and mobility are crucial for Light Bowgun users in Monster Hunter Now, as they allow you to maintain distance from monsters while continuously dealing with damage. Being able to dodge attacks effectively and reposition quickly helps you avoid taking unnecessary damage and maximizes your uptime for offense. Skills like Artful Dodger can further enhance your survivability and agility in hunts.


To become a master with the Light Bowgun in Monster Hunter Now, you need to focus on creating a strongsetup that boosts your ability to move, adapt, and deal damage. Skills like Reload Speed, Recoil Down, and Artful Dodger are key for success in battles. Matching elemental weaknesses with the right ammo types makes hunting more effective, and staying agile and evasive is crucial for staying alive. To enjoy uninterrupted gameplay, try out iWhere iPhone Location Changer. It’s a fantastic tool that lets you control your in-game location smoothly, offering different modes and privacy protection for a better gaming experience.

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[Top Guide] Best Monster Hunter Now Light Bowgun Build for You (2024)


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